Multifunctional Nanomaterials

Recent progress in material chemistry has enabled the scientists to combine therapeutic and diagnostic agents on a single nanoplatform to simultaneously treat and monitor disease. This generates a new concept named ‘theranostics’. Different from the conventional therapies, such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, where the basic approach is to kill the diseased cells faster than the healthy cells, theranostics aim to treat/repair the specific cells with a probe to visualise disease development, thus enabling personalised medicine. For this purpose, various nanomaterials have been synthesised and used as both drug carrier and imaging contrast agent. Researchers in our centre have been working in the area of theranostics, and developed a variety of multifunctional nanomaterials for disease treatment and diagnosis.

multifunctional nanomaterials

Current Projects

  • Tumour-selective nanomedicine by delivering catalyst and imaging probes


  • Developing multi-mode bio-imaging probes for early and accurate tumour detection

multi nano 2


  • Constructing theranostic nanoplatforms towards translational nanomedicine

multi nano 3